The Nature of Spiritual Realization

The reason we even think about a Spiritual Master is because we want to Realize Something Great Spiritually (such as Perfect, Eternal Happiness). And we have some sense despite the neurotic over-emphasis of our "modern" time on individualism and anti-authoritarianism that a Spiritual Master may (even these days) play a central role in the attainment of such a Spiritual Realization.

The nature of Spiritual Realization, then, is a good place to begin our discussion of Spiritual Masters. What Spiritual Realizations are possible? How does Spiritual Realization relate to ordinary views of human potential? What is the ultimate Spiritual Realization? Is there such a thing? And if the ultimate Spiritual Realization is our aim, it is very good to know the final destination before setting out, both in order to choose a vessel capable of getting us there, and to avoid sidetracks (leading to lesser Realizations) that prolong the journey, even indefinitely.

And so, by way of comparison, we will first sample some conventional views of human potential and destiny, and then lay out the Ultimate Destiny.

Spiritual Realization Requires a Genuine Spiritual Master
and a
Genuine Spiritual Practice

The highest human potential is God-Realization (see The Nature of Spiritual Realization), the complete awakening from this "dream" of limited existence, as the One in Whose Consciousness the dream is arising. And the way to perfect Realization of God is through a moment-to-moment process of communing with God, by feeling God and self, and feeling beyond self to God.

But how does one find and feel God for real? All the wisdom traditions of humankind point to a single answer: we locate God through the Transmission of a Spiritual Master. So the "how" of Realizing God actually has a simple answer: find a genuine Spiritual Master and become a devotee of His or Her Spiritual Transmission.

  • The Need For a Spiritual Teacher There are so many ways to misinterpret what we are experiencing, and to get stuck at some point, and fail to grow further for lack of an accurate and complete roadmap.

  • The Need for a Spiritual Transmission Master The genuine process of Spiritual practice has been so carefully guarded by the esoteric circles in which it was practiced, that few people are aware nowadays that the primary function of the Spiritual Master is not to "rap out" a Teaching or philosophy, but to Transmit the Revelation of the Divine, to literally communicate the Nature of Reality via the vessel of their own body-mind.

The Life of Genuine Spiritual Practice

This site is intended to inspire you to seriously consider a life of genuine Spiritual practice, a lifetime devoted to finding (and Spiritually communing with) Real God, instead of a lifetime spent believing, disbelieving, or doubting God.

Make no mistake about it, though: true Spiritual practice is difficult! When an Irresistable Force as is Real God meets an immovable object for such is the ego “something’s gotta give”, as the old Cole Porter song said, providing its own answer to the ancient theological puzzler. The ultimate outcome, the ultimate victory of God, is inevitable. But whether the course will be brief, or measured in astronomical units of time, depends completely on each of us: our awareness of the Great Opportunity, and our response to It.

It is certainly good to enter the course without presumptuousness about one’s own Spiritual capabilities. Such presumptuousness has always been one of the primary pitfalls of beginners. Spiritual authorities throughout the ages, from Teresa of Avila, to John of the Cross, to Chögyam Trungpa, warn newcomers to take heed of and renounce such presumptuousness. Even so, it may take a few years a little more self-effort, a little more suffering, and a little more awareness of our own impending death (perhaps through the body showing the inevitable signs of age) before we are in the right beginner’s disposition of genuine, heart-felt need for Real God, humbled by our own sweat and our own limited condition.

The Revelation of Real God is the greatest gift possible in a human life. That the steady, unrelenting Revelation of God, virtually unheard of in recorded human history, is accessible with a potency limited only by the depth of one’s self-understanding, is utterly extraordinary; it is a salvatory and liberating Communication grounded in the Force of Reality Itself. How can we not take advantage of such a Graceful opportunity, while it is still available?

How to enter into a liberating spiritual relationship with
a contemporary Spiritual Master of the greatest kind:

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